Our Teaching Faculty

Our Teaching Faculty consists of competent teachers with years of experience. They are qualified enough to provide modern education to the Students so that they can move forward confidently in the Society. They are taken to a height from where they can reach and see their goal very easily. Our Students are made comfortable with the education system. We try to help our students to build a friendly relationship with the teachers so that the students are not afraid to share their problem.

Alina Begum

Asst Teache Of LKG

Nurani Begum

Class Teacher Of Nursery

Samina Asmina

Class Teacher Of UKG

Nijara Deka

Class Teacher Of Class 7


Class Teacher Of UKG


Class Teacher Of UKG

Ajmina Begam

Class Teacher Of UKG

Roselin Kazi,

Class Teacher Of LKG

Abdul Aziz

Subject Teacher - Maths From Class 6-10

Khanam Reifah Tamanna

Class Teacher Of Class 3.

Afroza Yeasmin

Class Teacher Of Class 5
Subject Teacher Of English & English Grammer

Our Non-Teaching Faculty

An Institution which is run by the owner is indeed important. But equally important is the non-teaching staff. The Non-teaching takes good care of the School, Staff members, and students as well. A brick might build a wall of a School but equally important are cement and sand paste. Without that the brick wall will not even stand still. Without the Non-teaching Staff it is impossible to run a School smoothly.