Hi, I am Charlotte!

I am an intern at Little Angels. I have come all the way from Belgium to teach at this lovely school. My main intention is to try out some inclusive methods because Little Angels is a school that wants to include everyone, this means that there are children with different types of disabilities. Teaching at this school means that you should be able to work with every child and should be able to differentiate in your teaching methods to try to achieve the highest possible level of learning with every child.

I am truly enjoying myself a lot, though every day is a new adventure. The classes are a lot larger than I am used to, so it’s a big learning curve for me and therefore it’s teaching me many skills that I will be able to use when I go back home to Belgium. I love it here, I love the children, I love the teachers and I love the caring environment that’s at Little Angels. Everyone is humble and greets each other, people help each other when problems arise and most of all, people are honest with each other.

Ms. Hymers, Charlotte from Leuven, Belgium

Miss Lyddon, Katherine from Exeter, UK.

Little Angels is my favorite school in Uganda.  I have visited many times and each time I am so impressed with the teachers and the students.  The buildings have developed over the years and I love the colors painted on the outside and the displays within classes.  The children are given excellent provisions in terms of break, lunch, tea and supper foods which I also enjoy eating. Both morning and evening the children lead worship and prayers which is full of life and joy.  Whilst the resources within the classroom are basic in terms of chalk and talk, the children are very receptive to trying new ways of learning and I have thoroughly enjoyed stretching my own creativity as a teacher from England.  If you ever get a chance to visit – please do and if you get a chance to send your child here, they will get a well rounded education.