They are grouped in four levels as below:
2 to 3 years Play group
3 to 4 years Baby class
4 to 5 years Middle class
5 to 6 years Top class
The curriculum is based on the developmental needs of the children. We emphasize that development is a product of both heredity and environment. While heredity pre-determines the genetic potential, the environment provides the various inputs needed for the child to archieve the genetic potential.
While each child is unique, they do have some distinctive common characteristics that we care givers should be aware of.
We designed developmental activities for the total growth in the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, moral and spiritual aspect of the child. These are:
Physical needs include:
Need for proper feeding and healthy environment.
Need for exercise and play.
Need for sleep and rest.
Need for care and attention.
Emotional Needs Include:
Need for love and security.
Need for success and self-worth.
Need for opportunities to express anger, fear, tenderness and happiness.
Social and Moral Needs include:
Need to live with and relate with others.
Need to belong to a group.
Need to understand right and wrong.
Need to become independent.
Spiritual needs include:
Need to understand the creator and creation.
Need to understand God as a loving Father who cares for them and others.
Intellectual needs include:
Need for opportunities to explore, experiment and discover.
Need for opportunities to use language.
Need for purposeful play.
The aims and objectives of our pre-primary education are:
To develop capabilities and healthy physical growth of the child through play
To help the child develop good social habits
To develop moral values in the child
To enrich the child’s experience by developing imagination, self-reliance and thinking power
To help the child towards appreciating his/her national cultural background and customs and care for other people
To develop language and communication skills
Above, all to grow in strict observance of discipline